WrestleMania: Kelly Vs. Bellas 2/3 Falls Part II

Back in the ring, Nikki has already left with being up 1-0. Kelly is recuperating in the ring. She’s drinking a water bottle as trainers check to see if she wants to continue. JR: “Kelly’s using this time to get some much needed h2o into her system for her next battle.” The bass beats play […]

WrestleMania Brandi Rhodes Interview & Bonus Carrie Update

On the interview set Brandi is talking with Margot before going live. Margot begins addressing the live camera, “I’ll be trying to get the inside scoop throughout this historic night folks and I’m fortunate enough to get a hold of the very busy Brandi Rhodes!…” The crowd cheers Brandi. “…Brandi tonight you’re stepping into the […]

WrestleMania: Intercontinental Championship Match Bellas Vs. Kelly 2/3 Falls

Kelly Kelly makes her way out to a great reaction from the live audience. JR: “Ladies and Gentleman, we are sold out tonight! We weren’t sure if there will be a crowd tonight but tonight the crowd came in droves and they’ll be treated to the mega match-up between Kelly Kelly and a member of […]

WrestleMania National Anthem

JR: “Welcome to WrestleMania, night one!” King: “WWE Champion Trish Stratus will go one-on-one with Royal Rumble, and Elimination Chamber winner, the undefeated, Torrie Wilson!” JR: “The long-awaited return of, in my opinion the best, former WWE Champion, Paige goes extreme with the monster truck, Ashley Graham in a No DQ Match! That will surely […]


JR: “Folks, the ladies have agreed not to lay hands on each other tonight or risk WrestleMania-like repercussions!” King: “Whatever that means.” Margot Robbie stands in the middle of the ring. She looks to officiate the exchange. Torrie Wilson comes out. Dressed in lingerie. She skips to the ring with confidence. Her familiar lollipop being […]

Tale of the Tape: Bellas, Kelly Kelly

KELLY AND NIKKI ROLL THROUGH THE COMPETITION Raw 1.4 Kelly Kelly Vs. Carrie Underwood https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/06/raw-1-4-kelly-kelly-vs-carrie-underwood/ Raw 1.2 – Bayleigh Vs. Nikki https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/06/raw-1-2-bayleigh-vs-nikki/ Raw 2.2 – Kelly Kelly Vs. Bayleigh https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/09/raw-2-2-kelly-kelly-vs-bayleigh/ Raw 2.4 Carrie Underwood Vs. Nikki Bella https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/11/raw-2-4-carrie-underwood-vs-nikki-bella/ COMPETITION GETS FIERCE SummerSlam 3.1 Earlier in the Evening https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/17/summerslam-3-1-earlier-in-the-evening/ 3.5 SummerSLam Backstage with Kelly & Margot […]

Tale of the Tape: WWE Champion Trish Stratus Torrie Wilson

Torrie Starts with Mini Trish Raw 2.1 A Moment of Bliss w/ Special Guest Trish Stratus https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/08/raw-2-1-a-moment-of-bliss-w-special-guest-trish-stratus/ Raw 2.5 Main Event – Paige Vs. Alexa Bliss https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/12/raw-2-5-main-event-paige-vs-alexa-bliss/ SummerSlam 3.3 Unsanctioned Match: Torrie Wilson Vs Alexa Bliss https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/16/summerslam-3-3-unsanctioned-match-torrie-wilson-vs-alexa-bliss/ SummerSlam 3.4 Alexa Vs Torrie Aftermath https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/18/summerslam-3-4-alexa-vs-torrie-aftermath/ TRISH STRATUS RETURNS AND FAILS, AGAIN AND AGAIN RAW #1 https://followingwwfwrestlingstories.sport.blog/2019/07/06/raw-1/ 3.6 SummerSlam […]

19 RAW Performance Center

JR: “Due to the recent pandemic we’re going to be broadcasting from the performance center in our final week to the road to WrestleMania!” King: “Tonight we’ll look at a Tale of the Tape for the Superstars involved in Mania and we’ll also get to see in our main event, WWE Champion Trish Stratus and […]

18 RAW Main Event Torrie Wilson Vs Mandy Rose

Torrie and Mandy are in the ring. Torrie is eyeing Mandy up and down. Mandy circles Torrie too. The two competitors sizing each other up. Mandy makes a bold dash towards Torrie Wilson. Mandy is going for a spear. Torrie sees it coming and lifts her boot up to connect her boot to mandy’s face. […]

18 RAW Stephanie Makes a WrestleMania Match Official

Stephanie is in her office as the camera zooms in on her. It’s obvious Stephanie isn’t in a good mood, as her smug look shines through. Stephanie looks into the camera angrily, “I’m making it official for WrestleMania! Paige goes one-on-one with Ashley Graham! It’ll be a No DQ match!… Some lessons get learned the […]

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