18 RAW Bella Army Down by One

The Bellas are backstage with mics in hand. Nikki: “Sis, did Kelly really just challenge us to a match at mania?” Bri: “No way?! She can’t be that stupid right?” Nikki: “Well I just saw her pretending to be tough around Margot in a gym lol!” Bri: “If she wants to go?… let’s both whoop […]

18 RAW Kelly Kelly Issues Mania Challenge

Kelly is in the gym in the middle of a workout when Margot is standing right by her. Margot: “Kelly we’re on!” Kelly is doing pull-ups when she hears her name requested. The camera gets a shot of Kelly’s back muscles as she releases the pull up bar and heads to Margot. Kelly drops down […]

18 RAW Brandi Rhodes Vs. Carrie Underwood. TLC rematch

Carrie Underwood is in the ring waiting on her opponent to come through the curtain. Brandi Rhodes marches down the aisle. JR: “We’re getting a rematch from their previous ppv match King!” King: “Yea! Brandi won their previous match at TLC!” Brandi enters the ring and walks on over to Carrie and slaps her across […]

18 RAW Mania Opponents

Raw opens with Torrie Wilson in the ring. Torrie is grinning from ear-to-ear.Torrie paces the ring, just absolutely full of happiness. Of course, Torrie wouldn’t be Torrie without her classic lollipop in her mouth. Torrie finally lifts the mic to her lips, at the same time she removes the lolli from her mouth. “I told […]

Elimination Chamber II

Still in their pods: Ashley Graham Nikki Bella JR: “We’re back to square one folks!” Kelly charges a seated Torrie and delivers a drop kick to Torrie, snapping her down to the mat. Kelly locks Torrie in a sleeper hold in the center of the ring. The count down goes on again. The next entrant […]

Elimination Chamber

The entrances had already passed. . The participant’s in their pods include, Nikki Bella, Carrie Underwood, Mandy Rose, and Ashley Graham. Which means the participants in the ring are Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson. JR: “I don’t’ think we’ve seen these two women ever lock horns?” King: “Tonight that changes.” Torrie stands there sizing up […]

EC: The Beautiful People Vs Alexa and Lana

The Beautiful People come out to the boos they always get. Lana comes out with her flag looking hot. Alexa comes out to cheers, per usual. Lana and Alexa chat a bit. Alexa is giving her direction and Lana exits the ring to stand in her corner at Alexa’s request. JR: “Lana and Alexa have […]

EC: WWE Champ Ariel vs Trish Stratus

JR: “Tonight we’re in for a battle. Trish, the challenger is out for vengeance against the champion Ariel.” King: “And tonight we’re getting a special referee to officiate it. Trish’s music plays and the crowd are on their feet. Trish marches to the ring with purpose. Trish is not wasting any time playing to the […]

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