RAW 17 Velvet w/ Beautiful People Vs. Naomi

JR: “I have some breaking news for the Elimination Chamber King! At the Elimination Chamber there will be a 2 vs 3 Handicap match. Alexa Bliss & Lana will team up to face the Beautiful People! Velvet is in the ring with Madison and Angelina in her corner. At the opposite end of the ring […]

Royal Rumble Part II

Current Rumble Participants still in the ring: 1.) Ashley, 2.) Carrie, 7.) Anna, 9.) Candice, 10.) Madison Carrie, Candice, and Madison are trying to work together against Ashley. The three are punching away at Ashley. Ashley is brawling back. Ashley seems to be getting the advantage. 11.) Kelly makes her way out to a standing […]

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