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Lana stayed where Alexa left her. At gorilla position waiting for Alexa to come to the back.

Lana has been very loyal to Alexa. No matter what kind of trouble Lana has gotten into Alexa has always had her back. Even when she may have been in the wrong, Alexa has always had her back.

Torrie walks up behind Lana. “Listen Lana, you have world title potential. But what’s holding you back is really…” Torrie points her pointy chin towards the television screen. The screen that shows Anna Jay’s arm raised in victory over Alexa just now.

“…Alexa is holding you back. If you listen to me and follow my lead, I can make you a World Champion! Think about it.”

Torrie slightly changes her tone to a more mischievous tone, “Alexa doesn’t even like you. She doesn’t train you, she doesn’t appreciate you, she doesn’t want you! She just told you to stay away from her. She told you to STAY AWAY! Thing about that too.”

Lana looks down. What Torrie said just now really hit her.

Torrie gets more serious now, “Do me one favor Lana, after all I did; try to help you at Survivor Series. I went into the lions den and tried to work with my partners, your friends. They all walked out on me. Please do me the favor of telling Alexa I accept. I’ll fight her at TLC in a Tables match. But only if you’re the referee. Tell her that!”

Torrie leaves.

Lana stands there confused, conflicted. She feels like she put Torrie in a bad spot? Alexa doesn’t appreciate her? Maybe Lana is world title material? Is Alexa holding her back? Is Torrie her key to the world title? Alexa did tell her to STAY AWAY from her.

Lana is going to listen to Alexa this time. She decides STAY AWAY.”

Moments later.




Alexa shows up to gorilla position. She looks a bit confused that Lana isn’t here right now. She feels a bit taken back. Lana has always been there. No matter what.

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