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Like a prisoner in her cell, all she wants to do is break out. Pacing in her 6 by 6 cube, as if that speeds time up, she eagerly anticipates her door sliding open. She’s already had time to analyze her situation and there’s only one superstar in this match she’d rather avoid and one superstar she’s been waiting to lock horns with, the other she’s rather indifferent towards.

First, in the ring is someone she’s never stepped in the ring with, Alexa Bliss. Alexa hasn’t made it onto her radar just yet but perhaps she’s might one day. It be interesting to have a match with her but it’s not like she’s looking for a confrontation. Besides, Alexa is not the one with a target on her back.

Then there’s the other explosive powder keg that’s just a ticking time bomb ready to explode any second. This is someone she’s already been in the ring with and would much rather avoid altogether. Nikki Bella is a powerhouse like the Incredible Hulk, who just leaves a wave of destruction everywhere she goes. Nikki has been talking trash the entire time in her cell to the combatants in the ring and looks just as eager to escape.

Finally, there’s the referee, Kelly Kelly. After looking her over for the first time in her career, there’s no mistake what she saw in her. After going face to face with her, before the match started, she saw fear. She saw someone second guessing herself. Trish has had time to think about Kelly and she feels like she’s on the verge of figuring her out. Kelly started this battle and she has no problem finishing the war. Kelly attacked her first at TLC after fending off Dolce. At TLC, Kelly dressed up like it’s halloween and bashed her in the head with a steel chair. Before then, Trish has had no problem with her. She’s been thinking about Kelly since the Rumble and she’s looking to unload how she feels about her, hopefully as champion, tomorrow night on RAW.

Alexa licks her wounds in the ring, anticipating any one of the caged animals bursting free at any moment.

Kelly circles the ring waiting for lights to transition so the match can continue.

There’s Alexa fans, there’s even Nikki fans, but their fans, don’t come close to fans Trish has. The crowd has sided with their favorite.


The lights blink rapidly once again, the next competitor is due.

Just like all the other times, Trish and Kelly stare each other down. Like Kong v Godzilla, the audience want to see these two, larger than life superstars, fight already.

The light shines on one superstar as the cage door begins opening. The keg of dynamite has been lit. Nikki kicks open the plex glass door, knocking it clean off the hinge.

JR: “Bombastic, Nikki Bella has entered the Gladiatorial arena!”

A mixed reaction as she exits her cell. She surprisingly gained some fans for taking down Dolce’s henchmen earlier in the evening.

Alexa’s not going to match power with Nikki. She’s going to have to play to her strengths to beat Nikki. She rushes quickly towards Nikki.

As Nikki enters the ring, one foot already inside. Alexa flies forward with a forward drop kick. She sends Nikki retreading back outside the ring onto the chained structure.

Alexa needs to keep the momentum going. She climbs the turnbuckle and dives forward knees first as she connects against Nikki’s body. The both of them crashing against the chain and tumbling downward. Alexa takes damage too on impact as she awkwardly crashes against the chain link structure too. Alexa’s bruises begin forming on her body.

King: “I always think high risk maneuvers are stupid! They’re gonna hurt you and your opponent. But in this match. In this moment. I actually get it, JR!”

Alexa covers Nikki.

Kelly’s quick once again.

1! 2! And this one was almost over.

Nikki sits right up grasping the body of Alexa in her arms. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT KELLY! DON’T SCREW ME BITCH!”

Nikki powers upward carrying her opponent like a sack of potatoes. she rises to her feet.

Alexa tries to wriggle free but she’s can’t, no use.

Nikki lifts the smaller star onto her shoulders and points at Trish’s cell. “I WANT YOU!”

Nikki runs with a human body on her shoulders, holding her captive tight.

Fortunately, Alexa is able to get most of her body to fall behind Nikki which isn’t easy.

But both superstars crash into Trish’s pod like a semi getting into an accident in the freeway.


Alexa goes flying in the air and lands on the plex glass.

The plex glass crashes downward onto Trish’s head, clocking her perfectly on the head. The glass doesn’t break. Trish tumbles downward in her cell into a seated position as the glass rests above her head. The glass carries the weight of a Alexa.

Alexa went flying into the pod. She’s unconscious as she rest atop the glass over Trish’s head.

Nikki took some damage too as she wasn’t expecting Alexa to wriggle out so much.


Nikki gets some hair out of face.

JR: “Good god! Nikki’s such a destructive force she took everyone out. Including herself!”

King: “Nikki is bleeding, JR. She cut her forehead with that collision.

Nikki breathes heavily as she sits on the grading. She seems to be the only one awake from the collision.

Nikki rises to one knee. Barely holding it together.

Trish’s cell door opens from the other side.

JR: “I guess all the competitors are loose!”

Trish goes from a seated position to laying on the steel grading on her back.

Alexa still atop the plex glass on her back.

Kelly exits the ring for the first time in this match. She approaches Nikki.

Nikki looks up at her, trying to get up.

Nikki spits blood from her mouth at Kelly’s boots. If she could she would have spit in her face. “Do your worst, bitch!” Nikki knows Kelly isn’t coming over to lend her a hand. Not after their long history.

“Boy, are you stupid!” Kelly tells Nikki dismissively.

Kelly shoves Nikki under her leg and K-2s Nikki into the steel grading. Nikki’s blood stains the structure as her face bounces off it.

Kelly then pulls Alexa off the plex glass and drops her limp body, back-first, onto the lifeless body of Nikki.

Kelly quick counts again to eliminate Nikki.

Nikki has been eliminated.

King: “Just like that. It’s down to Trish and Alexa! Kelly has ruined this match!”

The crowd boos heavily. The boos are coming from each screen in the Dome. The once popular superstar has turned the audience on herself.

JR: “I’m so disappointed in this! Kelly ruined this chamber match!”

Kelly soaks in the boos.

Both Trish and Alexa begin stirring. Unaware of what’s transpired. They both roll into the ring.

King: “They both have had it; with being outside the ring apparently lol!”

Trish throws her body over Alexa, instinctively pulling her upward and getting her into a pedigree like position. Alexa is still loopy. Trish seems to be more aware of the situation now.

Trish pedigrees Alexa in the corner of the ring.

Trish rolls Alexa eagerly onto her back and lays over her body, not bothering with hooking the leg.

Kelly makes the pin. The first normal count of the match.



















JR: “Trish has just a retained the title. But not in convincing fashion!”

Kelly stands above Trish. Who hasn’t been able to lift herself up off of Alexa still.

“See you at WrestleMania, Trish! I want you!” Kelly mouths as the show fades to black. Kelly stands tall to end the Elimination Chamber match.

JR: “It’s official! WWE Champion Trish Stratus will defend her title against the Royal Rumble winner, Kelly Kelly at WrestleMania!”

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      1. Prolly two weeks.
        Got some stuff I gotta work on.

        I’m starting to think my polls are broken lol

        One day ppl wanna see kelly lose and another day ppl wanna see Trish lose.
        It’s a back and forth


      2. Lol it is broken someone found a way around the single votes it happens all the time but I really hope kelly does win I have been waiting for it for so long

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lol according to my poll, there’s been over 200 visits to the poll page.

        That’s not something I’m use to seeing.

        It’s more than all my other pages from ec combined lol

        But anyway. We’ll see how Kelly’s fate unfolds.


      4. Lol I used to do polls and one person would vote 100 times that’s why stopped with votes lol but would like to see kelly somehow become a face and Trish a heel and kelly beats her at mania


      5. Oh, I have followers on my page lol. I have some ppl that only “like” certain things. Which is cool too.

        But I only have like 20 followers. Not like 200 lol.

        Anyway, I thought there’s a way to see who’s voting 100 times. I guess not.


      6. No you can’t see who is voting. I have alot of followers too but when it came to voting I would get like 300 400 which makes no sense but when you look at the stats of the page it will say like 10 0r 20 people visited the site but that’s still not 400 votes

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Lol it’s cool though but I hope that kelly finally wins just saying she is hot and gorgeous and would love to see her be the star


      1. no i will be back just writing on the site. I just need more time to write better matches maybe in a week or two. what would u like to see

        Liked by 1 person

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