Anna Jay makes her way out to a positive reaction from the crowd.

JR: “Order seems to have been restored for now. Anna Jay is coming out next for a match with the ever-so-dangerous Lana.”

King: “Hopefully Melina can stay out of Anna Jay’s business because Lana has been on a tear. She handedly destroyed Torrie Wilson at the Elimination Chamber!”

Lana makes her way out to boos. A no-nonsense entrance as she enters the ring and looks ready to start the match already.

JR: “Lana looks like she’s paid by the hour. She looks like she wants to wrap this one up quick.”

Ding Ding.

King: “Two rookies here, this one should be fun!”

Lana charges forward and gets in Anna Jay’s face. Anna Jay doesn’t back down and gets in her face.

Lana with a dirty move and an eye rake to the eyes of Anna Jay. Something she most certainly learned from Torrie Wilson.

The ref immediately yells at her, “Stop with the dirty moves, Lana!”

Lana ignores the ref like he’s not there. She continues to wrap her arm around Anna Jay’s shoulder and nails a perfect Forward Russian Legsweep. Smashing Anna Jay into the canvas.

JR: “Yikes! That might be it!”

Anna bounces off the mat and Lana covers her.














Kick out by Anna Jay.

King: “I thought it was over!”

Lana dashes towards the ropes and leg drops Anna Jay.

Not feeling like she’s done enough, she runs it again and leg drop Anna Jay again. Her thick thighs crushing Anna Jay’s face each time, like putty.

Lana pulls Anna Jay to her feet. “It’s time for me to crush you!”

Suddenly Anna Jay catches Lana and lifts her up and spine busters her into the ring.

Both women are down and on their back.

King: “Wow! That came out of nowhere!”

Anna Jay makes her way to her feet surprisingly before Lana.

JR: “Did Anna Jay just gain control of this match?!”

Melina’s music plays on the titan tron.

Anna jay shakes her head in disapproval. “Not this bullshit again!”

Melina makes her entrance. The paparazzi are snapping pics of her as she makes her way out.

Melina stops half way up the ramp. Satisfied that she got Anna Jay’s attention.


Lana is already up and waiting for Anna Jay to turn around.

Just as Anna Jay turns around, Lana kicks her in the mid section and levels her with a face buster in the center of the ring.

She hooks the leg.















Melina retreats up the ramp, satisfied with the outcome.

Lana uses her foot to roll Anna Jay out of the ring like yesterday’s trash. “I’ve crushed you!”

Lana exits the ring as well and heads to the time keeper area. She grabs a mic.

“Listen to me now!”

The crowd boos her. But she doesn’t seem to even care.

“Listen to me now! This message is for my friend, Alexa Bliss! Alexa, I’ve crush Torrie Wilson! It’s time for me to crush you at WrestleMania! You’re not friend anymore! You’re enemy! I want to hurt you! And I want you to beg me to stop! I’m challenging you to an ‘I Quit Match!’ and I know you’re too weak to be here tonight. Please accept my challenge! I can move on and win championships; when I shed you from my life!”

Lana drops the mic as the crowd boos.

JR: “Lana is cold. She’s as cold as ice. But she’s also very dangerous!”

King: “Boy, this was not a definitive win, in my opinion!”

JR: “Don’t’ forget, Kelly will go one-on-one with Trish’s greatest rival… LITA! TONIGHT!”


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