WrestleMania Main Event: WWE Champion Trish Stratus Vs. Undefeated Torrie Wilson

The two bombshells square off and approach one another. Torrie is the taller woman and has that advantage over Trish as they meet in the ring and continue to stare each other down. The two talk trash to each other that’s inaudible. As animated as they get when close to each other, Torrie is first […]


JR: “Tonight is night three King and it’s the MAIN EVENT! We’ve seen superstars buried and we’ve seen returning superstars destroyed during Mania weekend…” King: “I do hope we’re done seeing Carrie.” JR: “… Me too King!… but tonight, is a high stakes match. Two of the most decorated superstars will battle for the championship […]

WrestleMania Intercontinental Championship Match III Kelly Kelly Vs. Nikki Bella Last Woman Standing Match

Nikki Bella and Kelly Kelly are in the ring. Ring announcements are done. “The winner of this match will be crowned the first ever Intercontinental Champion!” Ariande makes in ring introductions. Kelly is drinking a bottle of water as she’s in the ring. She’s still recovering from last night’s Mania bout. “The two challengers are […]

WrestleMania Night 2 Lana Vs. Beautiful People

Lana and Alexa Bliss make their way out. Alexa coaches Lana as they the duo walk out. The crowd is receptive to the team. The beautiful people come out on the stage. Velvet has a mic in hand, “Little Miss Bliss, and lovely Lana are here to kick some beautiful ass tonight!… Let’s see that […]

WrestleMania Night 2 Alexa and Lana

Alexa is backstage with Lana in Lana’s dressing room. Alexa: “Are you ready for tonight Lana.” Lana: “Yes, I’m going to crush the Beautiful People!” Alexa: “I love your confidence! We don’t know which member your facing but you’re ready for all three of them. You can handle them. They cheat a lot and use […]

WrestleMania Night 2 Paige Vs. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham makes her way out. She walks down the ramp with a serious look on her face. JR: “Sources tell us last night that Ashley came to the building yesterday and never left. Ashley has been ready all night for Paige.” King: “She probably didn’t have to worry because Stephanie takes care of her.” […]

WrestleMania Night II Re-Opening

JR: “Welcome to night two of WrestleMania!” King: “Tonight Lana and the Beautiful people fight!” JR: “Former world champion Paige faces the immovable object, Ashley Graham!” King: “Night one of WrestleMania was so jammed packed that the match between Kelly Kelly and Nikki was moved to tonight! Tonight, we’re crowning the Intercontinental Champion!”JR: “Unfortunately WWE […]

WrestleMania: Buried Alive Match Ariel Vs. Brandi Rhodes Main Event Night One

*Wrestlemania night one will be headlined by Ariel vs Brandi Rhodes buries alive match* Brandi Rhodes makes her way out to great reaction from the crowd. JR: “Brandi is on the upswing. If she can pull off a win tonight it would be the biggest win of her career.” The lights go out. The lights […]

WrestleMania: Ashley Graham Arrives

Ashley Graham is shown arriving with a serious look on her face. She’s bandaged from the top of her head. It’s obviously due to the chair shot broken over her head from the Elimination Chamber. Ashley arrives in her sports car. Margot the opportunist approaches Ashley. “Ashley your match is tomorrow what are you doing […]

WrestleMania: Kelly Vs. Bellas 2/3 Falls Part II

Back in the ring, Nikki has already left with being up 1-0. Kelly is recuperating in the ring. She’s drinking a water bottle as trainers check to see if she wants to continue. JR: “Kelly’s using this time to get some much needed h2o into her system for her next battle.” The bass beats play […]

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