16 RAW Bella Army Grows by One

Nikki is walking backstage with Bri. They seem to be heading somewhere important. Margot is running up behind the Bellas eager to get their attention. Margot: “Nikki! Bri! If you have a second, I want to interview you! Bri: “We’re on our way to Stephanie’s office Margot, you can ask your questions while we head […]

16 RAW Alexa vs. Next Challenger

Alexa is in the ring. “Alright who’s next in this challenger series. Whomever is my next opponent come on down!” Madison Reign is charging down to the ring with Velvet & Love following closely behind her. King: “So far Alexa has taken down Lana twice and Love on Raw last week. It looks like Madison […]

16 RAW The New WWE Champion Ariel

The WWE Champion Ariel is in the ring with her title wrapped around her waist. Ariel has a red lipstick smile across her face as the crowds been booing her for some time now. Ariel looks to the hard camera and sees the red light. She recognizes she’s live now. Ariel begins, “A few months […]

Royal Rumble III

Current Participants in the ring, 1.) Ashley 2.) Carrie 9.) Candice 11.) Kelly 15.) Nikki 18.) Alexa Bliss 19.) Alexis Texas 20.) Carmella Kelly and Nikki are actually working together to battle Ashley. Candice and Alexa are fighting. Alexis Texas and Carmella are fighting Carrie sneaks up behind Alexis Texas and assists Carmella in eliminating […]

Royal Rumble Part II

Current Rumble Participants still in the ring: 1.) Ashley, 2.) Carrie, 7.) Anna, 9.) Candice, 10.) Madison Carrie, Candice, and Madison are trying to work together against Ashley. The three are punching away at Ashley. Ashley is brawling back. Ashley seems to be getting the advantage. 11.) Kelly makes her way out to a standing […]

Royal Rumble Match

Royal Rumble Match 1.) Ashley Enters the ring. 2.) Carrie is pleading with Ashley to leave her alone! Ashley grabs Carrie by her hair and delivers a spine buster to Carrie. 3.) Angelina Love enters the ring and jumps on Ashley’s back. Ashley falls backward and slams Angelina onto her back. Ashley Grabs Angelina and […]

Royal Rumble Carrie Underwood Vs. Robbie Career on the Line

Carrie comes out to the ring. Carrie enters the ring excitedly. Carrie yells, “It’s time for my career-on-the-line match?” Carrie enters the ring and tells the referee to immediately begin the count. The referee makes the count and gets to the number 8. …9!… . . . . . . . . . .. . […]

Royal Rumble WWE Champion Trish Stratus Vs. Ariel

Ariel’s theme plays and she comes out to the stage. Ariel has the WWE championship around her waist. Ariel stands there almost squatting. She stands there waiting. Trish’s music hits and Trish comes out in all fours. Trish crawls in her wrestling gear towards Ariel. Trish goes through her legs and Ariel sits on Trish’s […]

15 RAW Main Event Trish is on a Mission IV

Ariel is in the ring carrying the WWE Championship. “My pet has delivered the contract! At the Royal Rumble… I’m going to officially become the WWE Champion!… And Trish Stratus is going to win the Royal Rumble!… After Trish wins the Rumble we’ll fight again at Mania… where I will retain my title again! I […]

15 RAW Robbie Vs. Nikki Bella w/ Bri Bella

Nikki reaches down and grabs Robbie by her hair. Nikki drags Robbie down the ramp. Margot immediately runs away. Nikki tosses Robbie into the ring. JR: “It looks like we’re seeing Robbie in her final match against a returning Nikki, King.” Nikki enters the ring as the ref signals for the bell. Nikki grabs Robbie […]

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