EC: WWE Champ Ariel vs Trish Stratus

JR: “Tonight we’re in for a battle. Trish, the challenger is out for vengeance against the champion Ariel.” King: “And tonight we’re getting a special referee to officiate it. Trish’s music plays and the crowd are on their feet. Trish marches to the ring with purpose. Trish is not wasting any time playing to the […]

17 RAW Mandy Rose Vs. Carmella

Mandy Rose makes her way out. Her opponent is in the ring dancing getting the audience fired up. Mandy enters the ring and the match is underway. Carmella runs to Mandy with a running drop kick. Mandy stumbles backward into the corner turnbuckle. Carmella is quick to get up and start slugging Mandy in the […]

17 RAW Torrie’s Follow up

Margot Robbie is happily standing beside Torrie Wilson. Margot has been trying to secure an interview with Torrie but she’s alluded her for a long time. Torrie has been one of the hardest people Margot can get a hold of. Torrie is standing there with a lollipop in her mouth. She’s feeling rather flustered with […]

17 RAW Alexa Struggles w/ her Decision

Alexa is backstage. She’s carrying what looks like the note Lana had put in her hand last week. Alexa is standing outside of Lana’s dressing room. Alexa stands there thinking about whether to enter. Alexa turns around and begins walking away. She walks a few steps away from Lana’s locker and stops in her tracks. […]

16 RAW Main Event Ariel, Torrie, Trish

Ariel is in the ring with the title wrapped around her waist. Her wicked smile again, plastered across her face. Ariel reaches teasingly into her underwear and pulls something out. She has some red lipstick in her hand. “Alright Torrie let’s get this stinkface started. I brought some lipstick you can paint Trish’s lips with […]

16 RAW Brandi Sent Packing

Brandi is seen getting ready when security approaches her. Brandi questions them, “What’s going on?” One of the security members responds. “By order of Stephanie McMahon you’re being escorted off the premises.” Brandi unhappily responds, “I’m not surprised. This is more of an Ariel order I think… well fine!.. I’ll leave… I don’t want to […]

16 RAW Carrie Underwood Vs. Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose is in the Gorilla Position about to go through the curtain. Carrie approaches Mandy, “Since you’re new here I wanted to see if I can help you out around here Mandy. You and I are in the Chamber and we can work to eliminate everyone else in the match. Then we can narrow […]

16 RAW Bella Army Grows by One

Nikki is walking backstage with Bri. They seem to be heading somewhere important. Margot is running up behind the Bellas eager to get their attention. Margot: “Nikki! Bri! If you have a second, I want to interview you! Bri: “We’re on our way to Stephanie’s office Margot, you can ask your questions while we head […]

16 RAW Alexa vs. Next Challenger

Alexa is in the ring. “Alright who’s next in this challenger series. Whomever is my next opponent come on down!” Madison Reign is charging down to the ring with Velvet & Love following closely behind her. King: “So far Alexa has taken down Lana twice and Love on Raw last week. It looks like Madison […]

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